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What to call ‘not artists’

Q: What would a person respond to? We have “Artists”, for consistency should be Tourists or more direct: For Tourists. We could add Things to Do, Places to Stay and get small ad dollars from B&Bs. There are several collectives (5 College B&B Association) that may want to pay a bit to be included.

A: Personally I don’t like ‘the non-artists’ being tourists, since it implies people from outside the area and excludes those from in the area looking for artists.

A: do we really want to open this up for all kinds of tourist topics, my vote is no.

Q: Question for consideration: Hilltown Families site has a lot of ads. We would in essence be multiplying these ads. Is this something we want to discuss? How can we ask A2Z store in Northampton to advertise if they get ads for a low rate through Hilltown?

A: group comments ?

Q: “Our” is not inclusive language. It is in a few spots: Our Site. Our Partners.
We may want to use “Partners Sites” then have a section on How to become a Partner so there can be more inclusion.

A: Group comments ?