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Reviewer FAQs

These are questions and answers raised by reviewers:
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Q1a: Overall Site

Front page Banner images

>> Banner images are so small… if placeholder, ok
>> If not, they will be too small to read, especially on a phone.

These are representative of the artists found on the search
It is random changing list and is not linkable.

Site name

Q: I am not a fan of 413arts.org. Was that name approved by the full group?
Is it something we can vote on?

The discussion was to move the pvartshub to arts413.org
413arts.org is a RR site AND has the issue that 413arts.com is owned by a gallery in Venice, CA

General look comments

I think from a graphic design – i would love to see graphics to connect the themes — like resources, networks , lists , trainings .
Should be have a whats happening link to connect to calendar ? or is that a different page

if i was a consumer / visitor – i would be most interested in finding a particular source to buy creative goods or services, find out about upcoming events or happenings both virtual and eventually in person and list opportunities for artists

as an creative – i think they continue to be interested in space, training, business development and marketing to get their name out to potential customers or audiences., and networking for collaboration building.


There is a already a way to add Sites, comments and suggests.
From the front menu is ‘Make suggestions’

This link is also on the top of the right hand menu

Site about

Q: make a highlighted statement right up front on the home page that states that this is a work in progress and we would welcome the viewers suggestions ( connect to link) .

A: This is more a purpose of an ‘about’ menu item or the ‘add a suggestion’
If at the top it messes up the flow of the site

Site goal

Currently we are addressing the challenge of trying to be a working site for artists and an A&E site for the general public. This might not be practical

Q1a0: Looking for art

What to call ‘not artists’

Q: What would a person respond to? We have “Artists”, for consistency should be Tourists or more direct: For Tourists. We could add Things to Do, Places to Stay and get small ad dollars from B&Bs. There are several collectives (5 College B&B Association) that may want to pay a bit to be included.

A: Personally I don’t like ‘the non-artists’ being tourists, since it implies people from outside the area and excludes those from in the area looking for artists.

A: do we really want to open this up for all kinds of tourist topics, my vote is no.

Q: Question for consideration: Hilltown Families site has a lot of ads. We would in essence be multiplying these ads. Is this something we want to discuss? How can we ask A2Z store in Northampton to advertise if they get ads for a low rate through Hilltown?

A: group comments ?

Q: “Our” is not inclusive language. It is in a few spots: Our Site. Our Partners.
We may want to use “Partners Sites” then have a section on How to become a Partner so there can be more inclusion.

A: Group comments ?

Q1a1: Search

Q1a2: Directories

Local Groups

SCC has a directory of springfield artists

More directories to research
Indian orchard Mills
1 cottage street and other collective of artists
Pottery trail list
IS there a glass list ?
Riverculture ?
Western MA Cultural district links

Virtual Museums page

Q:There was no Star: Virtual Museums page>

Virtual Museums

I love this, but wonder if we want Virtual Performances as well or another moniker that covers both. Virtual Museums should include all of the Museums 10 group. Searching to ‘fill in’ who/what is missing would be a GREAT intern project. If we can figure out who should oversee them, I am happy to post this on our site and get an intern.

AES’ resource page has pages of Virtual Museums listed. Do we want to duplicate? (Fine if you copy from AES).
Needs a Spellcheck. GOOGLE, not (google).

This page is RR work – it is not (now) part of the PVhubs site, It could be moved under the PVartshub project if there is interest


Change OTHER Directories to just Directories or More Directories. I am not sure what Other means.

Q1a3: Resources


Q: group these resources by topic like:
etc …. making we could make a graphic

Q: Not sure why to include old directories … wouldnt they be in other categories ?

A: Most directories do not have categories – those that do could be under a different page

Q1b3: Artist be found

adding to the Creative ground directory.

A: a guideline for adding to the CG directory is needed
The current CG link is this, and it has issues:
Getting listed

Q1b4: Artist other links

Q2: Actions to take


SBDC trainings
NEFA Creative Ground – get on the directory so people can find you ?

Q3: Contacts to make

LCC contacts

LCC themselves can be contacted to spread the word about this effect
Grant recipients of local cultural council grants in PV
They can be contacted for offers, or listings

Q4a: Issues to explore

Calendar comments

Q: add a calendar of events

A: There are too many events for a simple calendar – all events on a day.
Creating a search/display calendar is significant effort.
There is a RR project collecting events in the areas at: 413events.org
This shows how many calendars already exist